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Claire Aracelle
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Name: Claire Aracelle (CV: Hanazawa Kana)
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Race: Human
Date of Birth: ?
Place of Birth: Wingston

Sven Evanson (fiance)

Alice Alistair (journey companion)
Oliver Alistair (journey companion)
Soren Victr (journey companion)
Arthur Schroeder (journey companion)
Vladimir Clifford (journey companion)

Class: Priest (in training)
Weapon: Holy Intention

Likes: Sven, the world, nature, books, flowers (especially lilies)
Dislikes: ?
Hobby: reading books, singing, tending flowers

A very shy and soft-spoken 17 years old girl of the noble Aracelle family who is engaged with the eldest son of Evanson family, Sven Evanson. Claire loves Sven very much, she always seeks for Sven's approval regarding herself. Claire is a closed person and refuses to show her true side to anyone but Sven.

Claire loves reading books in her free time, and she dreams to be a Priest someday, and of course, to be a good wife for Sven. She is calm but clumsy, often tripping over her own dress despite being a noblewoman since birth.

Despite being a closed person, Claire is actually really sweet and kind-hearted inside. She has a unique ability: to see the beauty in all things. She loves her hometown, Wingston, and the world, Caelum; they are very dear to her. Claire wishes for a peaceful world... she has always been wishing for nothing but the world's happiness.

Height: 162cm
Weight: ?

Ability (general):
+ Incredible support & healing skills
+ Poweful magical power
+/- Intermediate defense
- Low defense
- Has little to no physical power

-> Appearance

Hair: long platinum blond hair
Eyes: forest green
Outfit: Claire wears a dress of a noblewoman, its color centers on green. The dress goes down up till her knees.