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Alice Alistair

Name: Alice Alistair (CV: Minagawa Junko)
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Race: Human
Date of Birth: ?
Place of Birth: Royal Capital of Lucfia

Alfred Alistair (father)
Annette Alistair (mother)
Oliver Alistair (younger twin, journey companion)

Vladimir Clifford (journey companion)
Soren Victr (journey companion)
Arthur Schroeder (journey companion)
Claire Aracelle (journey companion)

Class: Gunslinger
Weapon: Grief (double guns)

Likes: birds, ocean, magical things, adventure, Oliver's cooking
Dislikes: Vlad's cooking
Hobby: eating, sleeping on Claire's lap, traveling to new places


A contrasting twin of Oliver. Unlike her younger twin, she's very chipper and generally cheerful person, but can be noisy sometimes as she gets easily bored with one place and wants to travel to new places as soon as possible. Used to protect Oliver a lot from bullies back then.

Alice has a childish nature, hence Oliver is more like her mother than her brother. She loves to sleep on Claire's lap. She also likes Claire very much. Alice actually admires Vlad a lot despite his terrible cooking.

Even though she's considered to be useless by others, she always tries her best to become a strong Gunslinger. Alice is actually a passionate person who has strong determination.

Height: 155cm
Weight: ?

Ability (general):
+ Fairly high agility & accuracy
+ Poweful passive skills to make up for the short shooting range
+/- Intermediate defense
- Shortest shooting range compared to other long-range fighters
- Low vitality (HP)
- Low physical attack

+ later

-> Appearance

Hair: light pink colored hair with bangs slightly parted on the right side, a similar style to Oliver's.
Eyes: pinkish violet
Outfit: Alice wears a frilly long sleeve dress that looks like a red riding hood's, except that its color palette is centered on light brown, brown, and orange, with some gem motifs here and there.
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Name: Oliver Alistair (CV: Minagawa Junko)
Gender: Male
Age: 14

Alfred Alistair (father)
Annette Alistair (mother)
Alice Alistair (older twin)

Vladimir Clifford (party member)
Arthur Schroeder (party member)
Claire Aracelle (party member)
Soren Victr (party member)

Class: Alchemist
Weapon: Crystal Interstellar (staff)

Hair: light pink
Eyes: pinkish violet
Outfit: black, brown, light brown, orange, yellow, white (sometimes wears a long cloak)

Likes: sweets, dessert, cakes (especially pumpkin cake)
Dislikes: insects, frogs, ghosts, Vlad, being teased regarding his height & small frame
Hobby: cooking, baking cakes, making pastries, reading

A contrasting twin of Alice. Unlike the chipper Alice, Oliver is a shy and quiet boy. He often stutters around everyone but Alice. He is more like a mother to Alice than a brother, that's what everyone says.

Oliver is a kind boy who's willing to help anyone in need. Vlad often says to him, “That kindness will be the end of you.“ but Oliver pays no mind of it. He's not in good terms with Vlad despite being in the same party with him in the journey. They bicker and fight a lot, though somehow Vlad always wins.

Height: 152cm
Weight: ???

+ later