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A small trivia of TWWSF characters' favorite books! More characters will be added!

Oliver Alistair
Caelum: The History; Caelum: The Creatures; Alchemy Guidebook; Adventure of The Braves; Blast of Tempest; The Starduster and The Traveler; and honestly, so many more...

Alice Alistair


Vladimir Clifford
The Land of Caelum and The Chronicles: Prophecy of Augur; Adventure of The Braves

Arthur Schroeder

Blast of Tempest; The Way of Swordsmanship; Knight in White; When His Red Cloak Dyes in Red; Paradox of Time

Clairinne Aracelle

Garden of Rain, Words Laced in Velvet

Soren Anglade

Reincarnation, Ascensation; Hide and Seek; Lynne; anything written by Allen Woods

Marey Keehl
Eine Kleine; I'll Meet You When The Stars Are Present; The Starduster and The Traveler; Orange; An Old Tale; Garden of Rain

Mare Keehl

The Starduster and The Traveler

Neil Ephram

Adventure of The Braves