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Caelum is a huge and extremely beautiful world created by 3 Deities; Helios, Sylph, and Nair. Caelum is located on the other side of galaxy. There are 5 main cities in Caelum, one of them is Sys, the city where crafting is the main center. If you go to the west of Oz Sea, you will find the capital of Caelum, Lucfia. You will find Lunaris, the sleeping town, if you dare to cross Sea of Death. From Sea of Death, if you go to the south of the dark Stroz Wood or the southeast of Grainer, you will reach Slait, the town where majority of Sword Dancer resides. Then, there's Wingston, the windy and beautiful green city, where the majority of Archer resides. You can reach Wingston if you go to the southwest of Grainer.

However, traveling from town to town by foot might be dangerous because Dialos have invaded most of the place in Caelum but the 5 main cities. Because of that, you can travel by riding hot air balloon from town to town as hot air ballon is every city's main transportation to reach far places. Lunaris can only be visited by traveling from town to town.

The capital of Caelum, and the biggest, most populated city in Caelum. A kingdom-ish city where the Princess of Caelum resides. Big events in Caelum takes place mostly at Lucfia. The prestigious Winged Freedom Academy is located there. Lucfia is also known because of its huge clocktower. This is the town where the Alistair twins resides.

The city where crafting is the main activity. Sys is always covered in snow, all year round. The temperature is not necessarily very low, but it would be best to wear warm clothes if you plan to visit Sys. Many good Blacksmith are trained here.

The city where daytime never exists, it's always nighttime in Lunaris. A quiet and peaceful city, some people call it the Fairy City because there are almost little to no activities there. You can sightsee in Lunaris, as Lunaris is one of the most beautiful cities in Caelum, with many fireflies. However, Lunaris is also the only city you can't visit by traveling using hot air balloon. Apparently, this is because you have to cross Sea of Death to get to Lunaris. Lunaris is also partly dangerous since it's surrounded by hazardous locations, such as Sea of Death and Stroz Wood.

The city where majority of Sword Dancer resides. A city with its appearance being really similar to Lucfia, the only difference is their inhabitants. Sword Dancer is the main class you will find in Slait, with Alchemist being the second main, because Grainer is near to Slait. Grainer is a green forest with lush trees, and the only location you can find useful herbs for alchemy at most. Many strong Sword Dancer are trained here. This is the town where Vladimir and Arthur resides.

The windy city with cool air where majority of Archer resides. Many strong Archer are trained here. This is the town where Claire resides. Wingston is also one of the most beautiful cities in Caelum, namely because of its scenery. Wingston is a city that has the most windmill all around Caelum, this is to help the inhabitants' works, since most of the inhabitants are farmers.